The 2020 Snowmobile Season Is Here Please watch for Trail Status updates as conditions are changing quickly. Valley Trailmasters Snowmobile Club Welcomes You! If you have any questions, please click on Contact Us
The 2020 Snowmobile Season Is HerePlease watch for Trail Status updates as conditions are changing quickly. Valley Trailmasters Snowmobile Club Welcomes You! If you have any questions, please click on Contact Us

2016 Trail Permits

In recent years the cost structure and types of permits available have changed. There were several years a while back that the cost of the permit had risen to help offset both the rising costs of maintaning the trails and also offset the decline in permits sold. Unfortenately raising the price of the permits only contributed to the decline in total permits sold. It was at this point that the OFSC and all of its membering clubs had to make some drastic changes as the future of organized snowmobiling in Ontario was at risk.

What better way to reverse this downward trend than to offer options that would decrease the cost of the permit to you.


Classic Permits were introduced to encourage the owners of older sleds to get back out on the trails by offering a permit at a significantly reduced rate. As well, it allows new riders to ease into the sport by purchasing an older snowmobile and be able to purchase a trail permit at this discounted rate. Classic permits offer the same access to trails as the Regular Full Season permit does. The requirement to purchase a Classic Permit is to have have a snowmobile of model year 1999 or older. In the year 2019, the Classic Permit elligability will be a machine that is 20 years old, therefore the model year will increase by 1 each year after that.


Regular Full Season Permits were traditionally discounted if sold on or before December 1st. In recent years, a further discount was offered if purchased online on or before November 1st. This new offering allowed the rider purchasing the permit to be more confortable purchasing a permit pre-season as the winters are no longer as predictable as they once were. In addition to this, by purchasing the permit online, this drastically reduced the amount of volunteer hours required to manage the sale of the permits. 


Try Our Trails is now being offered on Famiy Day Weekend. The rider is still required to obtain a permit online, however it is free. The rider is required to print the permit out and affix it to their snowmachine. This new offering allows people to pull out their old snowmobiles and give the trails another go and enjoy it as they had years ago. This program has proven to be highly effective in getting people back into the sport. 


In Valey East, Regular Full Season Permits are available at Home Hardware in the Hanmer Mall. Classic Permits are available at the snowmobile dealers and at Royal Distributing in Sudbury. Please remember to bring your ownership with you when purchasing a permit.


Please note that the sale of permits next season will be online only.